New Cyber Insurance

Our new standalone Cyber policy comes complete with a 24 hour crisis management and incident response hotline.

Our policy will cover SME Clients if they have  been the victim of a breach or attack on their computer network or infrastructure or suffer a financial loss as a result of a network compromise, including extortion demands.


Coverage highlights

  • Multimedia internet liability
  • Privacy and security breach liability
  • Failure to protect personal data
  • Violation of law regarding use of personal data
  • Violation of a data breach reporting requirement
  • Failure to prevent a network compromise
  • Privacy notification and crisis management costs
  • Emergency response costs
  • Extortion demands following an actual breach or credible threat
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of profit
  • Regulatory investigation defence costs
  • Loss of electronic data
  • Network compromise/denial of access
  • Operational expenses – cost of renting equipment to mitigate a loss