Emma's Tips

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Starting to Drive for the first time.......  here are a few tips for you. 


Think before you buy - Research the insurance costs before you buy your vehicle then consider the year, make and model.

Consider that many insurers like AXA, Arb, Aviva, Wrightway are not offering cover for older vehicles,

so with this in mind do not buy anything older than 10 years, but price it before you buy.

Reduce cover or not?  It was often mentioned that Third Party was cheaper, and of course it should be as its less cover. 

Now we notice more and more that there is little difference between Fully Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft. 

Increase your excess-  If you increase your excess from the normal standard 300 (approx.) you may make a saving. 

Warning, in the event of a claim the if you increase the excess you will get less back from the insurer in the event of a claim.

Don't modify your car - The more changes you make the more additional costs you risk accumulating.

Try purchase a car with NCT, if a car has no NCT insurers are now declining without appeal.

Ask about other discounts – You might get a discount if you have more policies with an insurer, eg Aviva offer discounts up to 15% if you have other polices with them.

Pay in full, many insurers no longer offer direct debits anyway, but if they do they charge you a percentage for them and will work out more costly in the long run.

Put a realistic value on your car and don’t under insure it, as in the event of a claim if the car is under insured the insurer will only pay out what it was insured for. 

Check out Carzone.ie or some other of the car sales sites to get an idea what value to place on it.  Take your current mileage into account when doing your comparison

Assess your annual mileage, what do you really do, this can have a big impact on price difference.

Add your spouse to the policy, many insurers allow you a discount for adding a spouse.